Signum-Network-Association (SNA)

Signum is the foundation for our sustainable future.

The SNA facilitates easy connections for people and businesses to the Signum blockchain.

We support and connect startups and established enterprises through policy recommendations, projects across verticals, initiating and enabling research, and organizing conferences, hackathons, and other industry events around the Signum platform.

With active connections to similar hubs worldwide, we also ensure SNA participation in global efforts
to foster blockchain and cryptographic technology innovation, focusing on truly sustainable solutions.

Our Story

The creation of Signum-Network Association was inspired by the enormous advantages of global industry clusters -  a friendly regulatory environment, network effects, economies of scale, attracting the world’s best talent, building deep pools of capital, and a rich ecosystem of resources and know-how for startup companies, nurturing an entrepreneurial culture, infectious energy, and strong trust relationships that make the impossible possible.    

A handful of founding members initiated the SNA after identifying Switzerland as an ideal environment for building a new generation of decentralized technologies due to its decentralized, citizen-controlled political system, its centuries-old culture of individual rights, innovation, and entrepreneurship, its neutrality, stability, and business- friendly
environment, and its world-class infrastructure and educational institutions.

At 28th of May 2021 the SNA was founded in Pfäffikon ZH, Switzerland as a not-for-profit organization according to Art. 60 ff. des Schweizerischen Zivilgesetzbuches (ZGB). 

The vision for SNA is to act as a global hub for truly sustainable crypto technologies modeled into the Signum blockchain. 

Through the broad support of numerous individuals, startups, corporations, and services, the SNA established substantial
funding to accelerate the Signum blockchain’s growth.

How Signum 

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The Purpose of the SNA

The Signum Network Association (SNA) promotes the development and awareness of the open-source blockchain Signum (, which is exceptionally energy-efficient due to its unique mining process that can become a foundational building block for a sustainable digital future.

In particular, the association shall:

  1. Present the interests of members within the scope of the association's purpose towards national as well as international authorities and organizations;
  2. Support members and third parties in the field of Signum blockchain development and contribute to the development of the association network, including by establishing regional and international branches of the association;
  3. Be authorized to join as a representative of national or international organizations or initiatives dealing with the field of cryptography-based, blockchain, DLT, and other related technologies;
  4. Promote current and future application opportunities, business areas, and initiatives in the field of cryptography-based, blockchain, DLT, or other related technologies, especially for the Signum Blockchain;
  5. Collaborate with national, regional, or international organizations that are of particular interest to the members within the scope of the association's purpose;
  6. Organize events (especially scientific congresses and events in the field of education) in cooperation with reputable public and private institutions, and promote and develop scientific research in the relevant fields; provide paid or free services in the field of education and other fields, as well as organize meetings of members and facilitate contacts between members;
  7. Promote and maintain comprehensive understanding in the field of blockchain, cryptography-based and token economy;
  8. Significantly advance the Signum Blockchain by directly or indirectly funding projects, development, and promotional activities.

Empowering People

Signum empowers users and developers around the world with innovative blockchain solutions for everyday life. Signum makes it possible to send trustless, peer-to-peer transactions quickly, efficiently, and securely.

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